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Labor Pains
Movie ()

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Michael Jackson is alive! Lindsay Lohan Will make the movie, where 'historical fakes celebrity death
Lindsay Lohan in Labor Pains. She fakes up her pregnancy and end up taking a pregnancy class with a fake husband. The teacher was so hilarious.
Lindsay Lohan In Labor Pains - Pregnancy Class Scene

Here are my observations

I was pleasantly surpirsed by Mariah Carey. That was a good show. The color effects were awesome... never seen anything like it.
Jimmy Fallon was great. excellent host.
Poor Lindsay, that puppet was really annoying.
I loved the friendly exchange between Linday Lohan and Nicole Richie in the pre-show. That was freaking hilarious. LiLo has a weird voice, but its kind of cool
Funny show overall.

Lindsay Lohan: No Gotti For Me!! -
Watch all the honorable mentions .... the after the jump! Watch all the honorable mentions .... the after the jump! Watch all the honorable mentions .... the after the jump! Read more » lindsay lohan elizabeth taylor gotti confirmation. Rehab is not for people thesis Who Need to Avoid Losing Their Jobs! This is bull! She Was not adict.She year is ADDICTED TO FAME!
Issiah WashinTWAT, Lindsay Lohan in REHAB FAKE!
Retouched, airbrushed, artificial.
DONT BELIEVE THAT Dunce :) ET is making a stupid prank by getting fans to say stupid history lindsey lohan died in a cell and blah blah blah. Don '
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Lohan $ 40K worth of heap tanning arrears; Bill for fake tan Between 2007 and 2009.
Lindsay Lohan HAS amassed a tanning bill to the tune of U.S. $ 41,000.

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